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The DWCF brings together all Democratic Women’s Clubs in Florida.


While DWCF is not a chartered caucus under FDP, DWCF is recognized as the women’s “caucus” of the Florida Democratic Party because of DWCF’s  full membership in the National Federation of Democratic Women since the early 1980’s.

NFDW has three seats on the Democratic National Committee.

The DWCF was formed to bring together all Democratic Women’s Clubs in Florida to provide a forum for discussion of public matters, to provide organized support to qualified candidates for public office, and to encourage qualified Democratic women to seek elected office.


The DWCF Campaign Resource Committee provides access to information vital to those seeking office.

The DWCF Political Committee helps fund candidates endorsed by DWCF, Inc.

The DWCF Legislative Committee serves as the hub of activities during the Legislative Session as members monitor and lobby for or against legislation that has a dramatic impact on the lives of Floridians. As a part of DWCF’s legislative activism, DWCF holds an annual “Tally Days”, when members gather in force to advocate to legislators in Florida’s state capitol.

To join one of our many active clubs throughout the state or to help start a local club in you area, contact President Patty Farley at or (321) 773-2949.