Choose a committee to volunteer in small groups. Active committees include:

Program Committee — The Program Committee schedules speakers for monthly programs to provide information on topics of broad interest to chapter members. The First VP serves as the Chair of this Committee. Responsibilities include identifying topics, arranging/introducing speakers, and communicating with publicity committee.

Membership Committee — The Membership Committee actively recruits new members, reviews and approves applications, encourages member participation in activities. Responsibilities include tracking member attendance at meetings and events, participation in First Friday.  The 2nd VP serves as Chair of this committee.

Hospitality Committee — The Hospitality Committee conducts outreach activities to welcome new members and promote fellowship. Responsibilities include greeting and welcoming ALL members at monthly meetings and sending welcome cards with committee options to new members. Members also set up the meeting room and clean up after meeting ends. Additionally, committee members provide refreshments (within a budget) for the meeting attendees.

Ways and Means Committee (aka Fundraising) — The Ways and Means Committee is literally tasked with finding the ways and means to raise revenue. Responsibility includes planning and executing fund raising events, typically 2 per year.

Other Positions:

Legislative Liaison — The Legislative Liaison participates in monthly and weekly teleconferences, or as needed during the Legislative session. Shares information with the general membership and motivates members to take action on legislation via e-mails, phone calls, social media, letters etc.  Develops a relationship with the League of Women Voters and tries to attend and encourages other members to attend annual Tally Days.

Regional Council Representative — The Regional Council Representative shall attend all region meetings and make reports to the club. These meetings are held quarterly in a location conducive to all Clubs within a region. During Covid-19, regional meetings are held via Zoom.